ahlan wasalan

Socially Responsible

The Islamic Decor started off humbly from home. All was fun and most will say - cost efficient. As we grow, we understand that we need to move out of our comfort zone.

Safe Working Environment

Producing artwork involve constant receival of materials such as fragile mirrors, long uncut frames, etc. Upon completion, these artworks are then required to be transport out for delivery. We understand that these procedures are unsafe for a neighborhood setting. With the usage of heavy-duty machineries, we ensure that we operates in a safe and proper industrial setting.

Jobs for our local community.

Our artisan, craftsmen, designers are earning an above average living wage to ensure that the craftsmanship and services are of the highest quality possible and that their welfare is well taken care of.

Ethical Pricing

All our prices are carefully calculated and planned. No secretive pricing as our prices are transparent and reflected fairly for all to view in our website. We do not practice price undercutting or selling artwork below market rate. We are constantly looking for ways to add value and earn moderate profits for us to progress and uphold our vision.

Made in Singapore

All our artworks are designed and produced in Singapore. We uses the best material for our artwork that we ourselves will be happy to own. All artworks are quality checked by our team to ensure that they are in the best produced finishes before reaching your home.

You can play your part by supporting businesses that practices Social Responsibility.