About Us


The Islamic Decor works hard to be the best that we can be. We are a family-based business that believes in integrity in business and the importance of providing quality work in a safe working environment.

The Islamic Decor was founded in 2010 - home-based in a team of two. As our range of products grew and machinery count increased, we understood the importance of being socially responsible and moving out from the comfort of working from home.

The Islamic Decor now operates in a 2500 square feet industrial setting consisting of a showroom and workshop. We now have local artisan and craftsmen joining us to produce your artworks from a team of two. 

We provide:

  • Islamic Arts oriented services.
  • Custom framing.
  • Vinyl decal cutting.
  • Large format printing.
  • Laser cutting using wood or acrylic.

From initial design to production and installation, rest assured that we have the experience to cater to your needs. Come to us with only a file, and we can design, print, and frame for you within a reasonable time frame for a fair price.

Every encounter with The Islamic Decor is a personalized experience where we strive to create that perfect piece for your home ...where we turn an idea into a reality.

Contact: +65 8817 7696 (WhatsApp) We will love to help :)

- featured in Local Radio Station (Ria 89.7fm)

- featured in Local Malay Newspaper (Berita Harian)

- featured in Local Malay Magazine (Manja) 

- featured in Regional English Magazine (Aquila Asia) 

- featured in Local TV channel Suria (JUS!)

- featured in Local TV drama Suria (Manisan Syawal)