3D - Lite Series

NEW! Our best-selling 3D Standard3D Premium and 3D Exclusive series are now in 3D Lite Series.

Lite Series ayat calligraphy is made of 5mm thickness plywood plus another layer of 1mm thickness mirror acrylic, compared to a 5mm thickness acrylic plus another layer of 1mm mirror acrylic. (The cost of one sheet of a 4 feet by 8 feet, 5mm thickness acrylic is equivalent to x6 sheets of 4 feet by 8 feet, 5mm thickness plywood)

Lite Series calligraphy is connected together as compared to the rest, where the calligraphy is neatly spaced out. Although the process does not change the meaning of the ayat, it may slightly affect the calligraphy aesthetically. Nevertheless, the whole process enables us to cut down on our production period significantly.

The rest of the artwork is notably the same!

If you're a fan of our 3D Standard3D Premium and 3D Exclusive series, the New Lite Series enables you to own the art piece at a more affordable price with the same remarkable craftsmanship!