Prayer Practice
Prayer Practice
Prayer Practice

Prayer Practice

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Do you wish there was an easy way to get your child to pray the five daily Salah regularly without making them feel as though it’s a chore?

One of the key reasons why, even with the best intentions, the habit of praying is not formed in young children is because progress is not actively measured or encouraged. 

What gets measured, improves. And that's what Prayer Practice offers you. With this tracking system you can ensure that your child will enjoy praying their Salah and do so regularly. Here’s how:

  • There are stickers that your child can place on the chart after they have prayed which makes it fun for them to track their achievement.
  • There are 8 weekly charts so you can use it with more than one children and ensure all the family track their progress.
  • At the end of each chart, there are reward stickers which make your child feel good about themselves and offers them positive encouragement. 
  • The dua recited after Salah is also included which helps your child memorise this good habit. 
  • Prayer Practice is set out in a calendar format which makes it easy to hang anywhere in the house. 
  • It’s very colourful making it appealing for your child to want to pray and complete their progress chart. 
  • Prayer Practice is laminated so it is durable and suitable for use with reusable wipe clean markers.

Prayer Practice has helped thousands of children across the globe keeping regular in their prayer. As well as that, it has proved to be a great tool for parents aiming to instill the prayer in the lives of their children.

May you and your children be of those who establish the prayer in their lives.

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