EPIC 7G Digital Lock For Door
EPIC 7G Digital Lock For Door

EPIC 7G Digital Lock For Door

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Methods to unlock from outside the house (Entering Home)
1) Fingerprint (up to 100 fingerprints can be registered)
2) Password 
3) RFID Cards (complimentary x4 per digital lock)
*per RFID card can be used for multiple digital locks.
*per RFID card can unlock the digital lock for the door and digital lock for the gate
4) Bluetooth via Hp apps

Methods to unlock from inside the house (Leaving Home)
1) Fingerprint
2) Mechanical Keys 
3) Bluetooth via Hp apps
4) Remote (additional $60)
5) Wi-Fi Bridge (additional $50)

What is a Wi-Fi bridge?
Wi-Fi Bridge gives you the capability to unlock or lock your door via the app from a far distance. Exp; if you're at work and receive a visitor/delivery while you are not at home, the Wi-Fi bridge enables you to welcome the visitor/delivery personnel to your home without revealing the password for your digital lock.


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